Miu Miu’s Poor Fashion Choice: The Yellow Star


Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand and a fully owned subsidiary of Prada.

Recently, Israel activist Rachel Steinmetz noticed a number of their new items that elicited a very uncomfortable feeling – such as the following:



Unlike the recent Swastika t-shirts, which were explicitly meant to be based on the Nazi symbol, there is no explicit nod to the yellow Star of David imposed by the Nazis to identify Jewish people. But I have to agree with Rachel – this is not a good look.

The fact the star is yellow, on that side of the garment, and has a word starting with “J” is damn suspicious, creepy and, quite frankly, offensive.

I spoke with quite a number of people and they agreed – we are not being overly sensitive here.

Whether or not this was deliberate or just unfortunate coincidence, I ask Miu Miu to exercise good judgment here and reconsider this design.

Update: To those who think this is more Sheriff’s star than anything else – nope.

Update: A store in Toronto removed one of these clothing items (hat tip: Rachel Steinmetz).

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