The Tablet’s Real Apology for Harvey Weinstein Article

Daily Freier IsraellycoolYesterday I published a piece on Harvey Weinstein that many found offensive, because it described sexual predators as being ‘Jewy’ (Offensive? Who knew? You live, you learn!). The analysis I offered was hasty and ill-considered, especially the part where I also talked about the secret`Jewy’ ingredient that may or may not be added to matzoh every Passover. Also, the part where I riffed about you-know-who poisoning the wells? My bad! Finally, the part where I refer to moneylenders as ‘Shylocks’? Again…. write drunk, edit sober! Anyhoo, I take this as a lesson in the importance of knowing as much as one can about a given story, and in taking the time to think and feel things completely through before opining. I apologize for not doing so in this case. In the immortal words of the great Rabbinical sage George of Costanza, “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?”



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