The Times of India’s Bizarre Holocaust Metaphor

New Dehli has been in the grip of a toxic smog for a number of years now, with pollution now nearly 30 times the World Health Organisation’s safe level.

It clearly is a very serious health issue. But having said that, the comparison The Times of India has decided to draw is itself rather sickening.

(Reuters: Anindito Mukherjee)

Delhi turns into Hitler’s ‘gas chamber’! Here’s what smog does to your body

What was used as a means of torture for Jews by the Nazi government has turned into the reality of every Delhiite! ‘This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen’ (a story collection on Nazi government by Tadeusz Borowski), should read Delhi’s signboards as the city’s air pollution is being compared with gas chambers. The air quality index of the city shot up to 451 on a scale where the maximum level is 500. Inhaling this air has been equated with smoking 50 cigarettes a day by doctors. So, who is worse, chain smokers or Delhiites? The latter, it seems.

Now perhaps the writer felt “inspired” by the state’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who tweeted the following

But the talk of Hitler’s gas chamber and the Nazis is taking things way too far.

Antisemitic? Nope, but the writer clearly needs some cultural sensitivity training.

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David Lange

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