Amer Zahr, The Confused Comedian


Amer Zahr is, according to Wikipedia, a Jordanian-American of Palestinian descent. He is known as a stand-up comedian, in addition to being a writer, filmmaker, producer, adjunct law professor at the University of Detroit Mercy, and former lawyer.

And after seeing this video, I’d add huge jerk.

Palestinian hummus

An easy and quick recipe to make Palestinian hummus..But Israeli hummus is different.

Posted by The Palestinian Information Center on Monday, December 25, 2017

So besides mocking the Israeli accent, he claims we “stole” palestinian food. But a look at his Twitter feed shows he is the one engaging in cultural appropriation.


But as Yoda would say “Confused is he. Very confused.”

Pray tell, how is it the palestinians were supposedly here first, when even you admit the Jews preceded them?

And if you admit that, how is it that the Jews who returned to their homeland (which you must admit, since you admit in the existence of the Jewish tribes of Israel) stole it from you?

Is it your homeland because Islam conquered it in the 7th century? If so, then why shouldn’t it revert to the Jewish people when they gained it legally in the 1940s, and then reclaimed more of its historical territory after you chaps got your asses handed back to you on a platter trying to destroy us?

I’d love to see you try and explain that, funny man.

Update: Zahr clearly wants Israel’s destruction.


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