US Congressmen Detained after Touring Temple Mount

Two United States Congressmen, Rep. Scott Tipton and Rep. David B Mckinley were detained this morning after touring the Temple Mount with Jewish guides.

US Congressmen and wives pose for photo on Temple Mount The two Congressmen and their wives took a photo while walking. That apparently was not deemed a crime… though they were told repeatedly by the Waqf guards to move along and not stop.

Two US Congressmen detained after tour on Temple Mount

Only the two US Congressmen were detained by Israeli police who received a tip from Muslim guards.

Detained has two meanings:

1. to keep (someone) from proceeding; hold back.

2. to keep (someone) in official custody, typically for questioning about a crime or in politically sensitive situation.

In this screen shot from a video, it is obvious to see the two US Congressmen are kept from proceeding, held back surrounded by Israeli police. The female tour leader is trying with futility to reason with security. The men all disappear from view seconds later.

Jews have faced discrimination and detention on the Temple Mount for offenses as serious as drinking water and moving lips.

However, this is a new low for the Waqf guards.  Having two US Congressmen detained, because one of them bent down to pick up an olive branch!

Oh the irony!

The Congressmen had a visit scheduled with the Prime Minister next on their itinerary. Hope they were not late.

Update: It was not an olive branch, but an olive leaf that was picked up and confiscated by police under orders of Muslim Waqf.


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