Why Are There Contradictory Palestinian Accounts As To What Muhammad Tamimi Told the IDF?

Following COGAT’s claim that Muhammad Tamimi told them he lost a third of his skull after a bicycle accident – and not a result of being shot in the head by the IDF – the palestinians have denied it. As I wrote as an update to my earlier post, besides producing the supposed¬†CAT scan and images of the bullet fractures removed from his skull, residents of his village claimed he

told the police that he had been hurt in a bike accident and not shot by the IDF so that he would be released after being detained. They said he was scared and worried that if he said he had been shot, there would be evidence against him and his detention would be extended.

But if that is the case, how come his uncle contradicts this:

His uncle, Atallah, said when the teenager was arrested he did not want to tell the army that he was injured during a protest fearing he could be jailed. But he did not admit falling off the bike, added the uncle.

“They asked him to sign a paper and he refused.”

So which is it? And why are there two contradictory versions?

I am still smelling a rat.

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