‘Shirley Temper’ Ahed Tamimi’s Mother Blasts Supporters as “Racist”!


This is gold (or should that be golden?) – Nariman Tamimi, the mother of soldier slapper and future Oscar winner Ahed Tamimi aka Shirley Temper, is biting the hands that feed her, accusing supporters of her daughter of racism! (Hat tip: Legal Insurrection)

I kid you not (yeah ok, pun intended)

You see, she believes people support her daughter because daughter looks like them.

The reason so many people support Shirley Temper is not rocket science – she has been exploited by her parents to perform for the cameras, where she photogenically portrays the young girl against the big, bad soldier. Davida vs Goliath, as it were. That plays particularly well to those who are predisposed towards Jew hatred, or too lazy to investigate and see what is really going on.

By the way, here is a glimpse into what this loving mother is all about:

For the record, I agree that most supporters of Shirley Temper are racists. They just happen to be Jew haters.

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