Lebanon Gets Its Knickers in a Twist Over Miss Lebanon Selfie With Miss Israel at Miss Earth

A few days ago, I posted about Quds News Network’s “own goal” in inadvertently highlighting how Israel has been sending Arab-Israelis to represent the country in Miss Earth.

Coincidentally (or perhaps by divine providence!), Israel’s participation in Miss Earth has once again raised its pretty ugly head, with Miss Lebanon Salwa Akar being withdrawn from the competition after publication of this photo of her with Dana Zreik, the Miss Israel contestant.

This is, of course not the first time a Miss Lebanon has been seen in a photo with a Miss Israel. Almost four years ago, Miss Lebanon Saly Greige and Miss Israel Doron Matalon were pictured together during the Miss Universe contest

Greige later tried to save her tuchus by claiming Matalon photobombed the picture.

Then last year, Swedish-Lebanese Amanda Hanna was stripped of her Miss Lebanon Emigrant title after it emerged she had previously visited Israel using her Swedish passport on an academic trip in 2016.

While all of these incidents show just how pathetic Lebanon is, what makes this latest one even more laughable is the fact that Dana Zreik is Arab-Israeli. Salwa Akar actually claims Zreik started speaking to her in Arabic and she did not know she was Israeli, despite the huge “Israel” ribbon she was wearing, but I am guessing this was her attempt to save her tuchus. She was probably in shock that Lebanon would penalize her just because her fellow Arab contestant was from Israel.

What this shows is just how the Arab boycott of Israel is based on a hatred of the Jewish state, and not concern for the palestinian Arabs or Arab citizens of Israel.

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