Jewish Press Recycles Old Story


I saw this delicious story on my Facebook feed today

My initial reaction was “I have to blog this”, followed shortly afterwards by “Wait, didn’t I already blog this?”

Sure enough, I did. A year ago.

Note how the stories match exactly. Word for word.

Why is Jewish Press posting year-old stories as fresh out of the oven? Even if this was inadvertent, how did it happen?

In case you are wondering why I would go after a pro-Israel news site, I am just being consistent. I criticize all news sites where the truth goes out the window or they are otherwise not doing their job. And while this means I almost always call out for this anti-Israel or palestinian sites, sometimes a pro-Israel site will do the wrong thing.

This kind of thing can be damaging to us, so it is important to keep all the “big boys” on their toes – an advantage of being one of the independent, small fry operators not beholden to anyone.

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