Twitter Suspends Account of Hater Who Tried to Pass off Fake IDF Video As Authentic

Saif Bitar (Twitter)

Yesterday, I posted about an extreme Israel hater called Saif Bitar who tried to pass of as authentic a fake video of IDF soldiers supposedly admitting to horrendous crimes.

Thanks to my post and the backlash it generated (presumably including many of you reporting him to Twitter), the tweet was deleted.

Then, according to reader Max:

After IsraellyCool exposed that video that Saif Bitar posted, it seems that Saif Bitar went to Ozraeli Dave’s followers list and just started mass-blocking people.

I didn’t tweet anything to the “Bitter” Saif directly, so I don’t see what other “reason” could he have had for blocking me or how else could he have found my profile, other than that I’m following Ozraeli Dave. Others are commenting that he blocked them too.

He doesn’t know who are the Guest posters here who help expose what Palestinian propagandists write on Twitter, so it seems that he just resulted to mass-blocking, like that would somehow “help him” hide what he’s posting from us… but we can simply open his profile in an “Incognito window” and see what he writes.

Not anymore.

I am not sure if it was the fake IDF video tweet or any of the plethora of other hate tweets that led to this,but what is clear is in this particular case, we have made a difference.

Well, at least for now.

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