Well-Known Leftist Slams Latest Banksy Poster As Antisemitic


Well-known Israel-hating artist Banksy has upped the ante – or should that be antisemitism – with his latest creation.

Besides the lies involved, this art (with a silent “f”) goes beyond mere anti-Israel propaganda. By suggesting all of the Jewish state is illegitimate and should not exist, it is antisemitic.

But don’t take my word for it; see what leftist Israeli Batia Ofer (wife of London-based Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer) has to say.

Did I mention Batia Ofer is a leftist?

“We are very pro-peace. But having said that – I will stand up for our right to exist when people try to incite against us,” Batia Ofer told Haaretz in an email exchange.

It was no surprise that the Palestine stand, one of the smallest at the trade show, was the place-to-be when the event opened Tuesday – with hundreds of travel agents and other travel professionals in line to get a glimpse of the mysterious artist’s latest work.

None of this bothered Ofer, who says she is all for tourism to the West Bank and supports some Palestinian causes, among them a yearly fellowship she and her husband set up for two Palestinian students (along with two Israeli ones) to attend the Harvard Kennedy School.

I’d also add one more thing: the poster is a spoof of the old Palestine posters like this:

It was created by Jewish Zionist Franz Kraus as a Zionist endeavor.

So besides an antisemite, Banksy is a dumbass.

Of course, the two usually go hand-in-hand.

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