‘Shirley Temper’ Ahed Tamimi To Study in the UK


Latin American media outlet Telesur reports on Shirley Temper’s study plans:

Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamimi is going to Britain to study international law so that she can hold Israel accountable for its war crimes.

Palestinian resistance icon Ahed Tamimi will travel to Britain to take an English course so she can study international law, something she has always spoken about, she said in a recent interview.

Ahed wants to defend and raise the Palestinian cause in international forums, show the illegality of Israeli occupation, and hold the occupying country accountable for its war crimes and crimes against humanity, she argues saying that she plans on doing that by studying international law.

During an interview with a Jordanian media, the activist said she is going to Britain for three months during which she will learn English properly. After that, she is going back to Palestine as her brother will be freed from an Israeli prison and she would like to be there to see spend some time with him before returning to the United Kingdom to begin her studies in international law. She did not make it clear which university she is going to or when exactly will she be beginning her studies.

I guess any plans to kill Yehudah Glick will have to be put on hold.

At least she’ll probably get to meet one of her biggest fans while over there.


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