llinois District Withdraws Vile ‘Teaching Palestine’ Course

The indoctrination of American children continues.

An Illinois high school district is withdrawing a course for educators titled “Teaching Palestine” after pushback from teachers and community members.

The Niles Township High School District 219 serves Lincolnwood and parts of Morton Grove, Niles and Skokie in Cook County, home to Chicago. There are an estimated 291,800 Jews in Illinois with most of them living in the Chicagoland area.

“On May 22, the district informed staff of several training opportunities outside of the district related to racial equality and social justice, including sessions offered by a group called Teachers for Social Justice. These Summer Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAGs) meet on various topics identified and developed by educators throughout the Chicago area,” said district superintendent Steven Isoye, director of equity La Wanna Wells and Jim Szczepaniak, director of community relations and strategic partnerships, in a statement on Thursday. “One of the listed ItAG session is titled ‘Teaching Palestine.’”

Niles Township stated that the lesson wasn’t developed by the district, and that “the district was never going to provide continuing education credits or lane advancement credit for the course.”

“We then heard from teachers and members of our community who were concerned about the one-sided nature of this course that addresses a very complex topic. We recognize that without multiple perspectives surrounding this topic, we created a sense of exclusion by including this offering,” continued the statement. “We should have noted this before including the course and apologize for this mistake. Therefore, we are retracting the course from the list of offerings that were shared.”

The lesson, according to the course description obtained by JNS, “brings together critical educators who want to teach about Palestine and the Palestine liberation struggle.”

Objectives included developing “a deeper understanding of the history and current political context of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Palestine liberation struggle,” examining and analyzing “existing curriculum on Palestine, the Palestinian liberation struggle and Israel.”

Goals also included discussing “concrete strategies for how to respond to Zionist professional developments and curricula or when parents/staff/others object to anti-Zionist curriculum,” developing grade appropriate scope and sequence for teaching Palestine” and making “curriculum connections between Palestine and issues affecting our students, such as: state/police violence, the struggle for racial justice in the U.S., settler colonialism in Palestine and the U.S., access to education for historically marginalized youth.”

Information from organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace, a prominent anti-Israel group nationwide, is used in the course.

In other words, teachers were set to learn, among other things, that terrorism against Israelis is justified and part of a “liberation struggle” against “US settler colonialism,” in order to disseminate this propaganda to students.

You can see the Teachers for Social Justice website here. While I could not find more information on the Teaching Palestine course, I did find this admission that they see their role as indoctrinating students:

We are educators. As such we must recognize and accept our role as either confronting the social, political, and educational inequities within U.S. school settings, or continuing to reproduce the oppressions in our current society. We stand for confronting these inequities. Neutrality is not possible. We understand that teaching is a political act.

So much for encouraging critical thinking and intellectual honesty.

It is no wonder US students are ripe for the picking by the time they get to college. At least in this case, the course was withdrawn. But how many similar courses are already going on under the radar?

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