Wrist Candy Watch Club Adds Israel to List of Countries After I Point Out Omission


Note: I have changed the text of this post so as to not prejudice Wrist Candy Watch Club, who seemed to act in good faith by listening to my concerns and adding Israel to the list of countries.

Wrist Candy Watch Club (WCWC) is an online site “to help watch enthusiasts around the world find new and affordable ways to enjoy their favorite timepieces.”

My friend Jeremy noticed that Israel was not listed when reached the checkout on their site:

but this was:

Initially, I thought this may have been BDS-related. But after I posted about it, WCWC explained it:

While I initially did not know what to think, WCWC quickly rectified the issue:

And Palestinian Territories no longer appears as an option.

Based on this, I can only accept their explanation as genuine and thank them for the prompt action.

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