Shameless Missionizing at Tel Aviv Beach


Regular readers will know one of my pet hates are missionaries – those trying to convert Jews or at least get us to believe something we are absolutely forbidden to believe.

So you can imagine how nauseated I was to come across this video of a “street preacher” called Kerrigan Skelly, doing his thing with a megaphone at Tel Aviv beach!

In case you are wondering why no masks in sight, the video is from October 2019.

What chutzpah.

Incidentally, this Skelly seems like a real winner.

*Kerrigan has been married since 2001 to his wonderful, Godly, meek, quiet, modest, submissive, keeper at home, child rearing, homeschooling, beautiful wife Angela and they have eight children as of October 2018.

Update: Hmm

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