Boyce D. Watkins: Team Farrakhan All The Way

Boyce D. Watkins is an American author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator on the Left.

If you are a free-thinking Black, and don’t believe Whites are Satan and Jews are termites, he will attack.

A few weeks ago, after the Noah Green incident, Watkins took to the airwaves to reprimand anyone in the Black community who was not on Team Farrakhan.

“I love the Minister,” Watkins said. “He is a man with solutions. He is one of the greatest Black leaders.”

But his message to the White Liberal was key: “If you don’t love the people I love, you are not my ally.”

Sometimes ten minutes can change everything.

The real question is, of course, why would any religion teach its adherents to hate?

Part of the answer may be found in a theory advanced by Gabriel A. Acevedo, James Ordner and Miriam Thompson. In “Narrative inversion as a tactical framing device: The ideological origins of the Nation of Islam,” they analyze early NOI documents to illustrate Narrative Inversion, a framing tactic designed to invalidate agreed-upon moral assumptions.

They posit that by amplifying perceived injustices and then inverting them, a charismatic leader can utilize a new, reconstructed master narrative to recruit, mobilize, and build a new moral belief system outside of traditional beliefs.

Examples include the reversal of MLK’s pro-integration narrative into NOI’s permanent adversarial relationship between Blacks and Whites. NOI’s deconstruction of Christianity into “a White man’s religion” in favor of a cosmology that teaches its followers that the White race was created by a sinister godlike figure named Yakub obviously inverts everything MLK stood for.

Conservative Blacks are not cowed by the likes of Boyce Watkins, yet how many White Democrats or Asian Democrats or Latino Democrats have ever even spoken to a Black Conservative?

How many Jewish Democrats despise Candace Owens or Thomas Sowell simply because Jake Tapper or Joy Reid or the ADL think they should?

An experiment in Narrative Inversion has been underway in the Democrat Party for fifty years. The Radical Left is winning.

It is time for all Democrats to push back against NOI and its allies — including BLM. Unfortunately, it may be too late for Jewish Democrats to defund their institutions to prevent the inclusion of SJP, NOI, and If Not Now into the Big Tent of Democrat Judaism.

Patti Munter is the Co-Founder of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Rochester for Israel. Before that, she worked at Rolling Stone Magazine.


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