Guy Who Attacked Choice of Mayim Bialik as Jeopardy Host is Unhinged Israel Hater

In case you missed it, former Blossom and Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik was announced as one of the permanent hosts of Jeopardy.

A new writer for the Daily Beast called Tirhakah Love has anything but love for this decision, claiming:

  • Bialik is an anti vaxxer
  • She victim-blamed a New York Times op-ed about Harvey Weinstein
  • She donated bulletproof vests to the IDF

Blogger EoZ has already shown how the first two complaints are completely bogus, and Love’s real complaint is she is pro-Israel, as indicated by his strong wording:

So why would this nobody named Tirkhanah Love have such strong opinions about Mayim Bialik to make it look like she holds opinions that are the exact opposite of what she really believes?

The answer comes from his third example:

Bialik loudly proclaimed her donation toward bulletproof vests for the genocidal Israeli Defense Forces back in 2014 just out of “a need to do something.” After facing backlash, she quieted for a time until May of this year, where she self-identified as a “liberal Zionist” who, like many other celebrities, spouted bothsidesism: “Israel deserves to live as an autonomous free and safe nation,” she told Fox News. “The Palestinian people deserve the same. What is happening now by extremists on both sides is tragic. It’s horrendous. It’s unacceptable. And I have to hold out hope that peace and justice will prevail.”

There you have it – Bialik once expressed support for what Love says is a “genocidal” army. 
Anyone who thinks that the IDF is genocidal is ignorant about the IDF, ignorant about genocide and insulting to actual victims of genocide who would have love to have traded places with Palestinians any day of the week.

I would like to add to what Elder wrote.

Firstly, this hit piece has led Bialik to again deny she is an anti vaxxer.

New “Jeopardy!” host Mayim Bialik is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 despite social media chatter labeling her an anti-vaxxer.

“She has been fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and is not at all an anti-vaxxer,” a spokesperson for Bialik told TheWrap Wednesday, the same day she and Mike Richards were announced as hosts for the popular game show.

In a parenting book Bialik wrote in 2012 titled “Beyond the Sling,” she admitted she hadn’t gotten a vaccine in 30 years. This led people to question whether the “Big Bang Theory” star had also decided not to vaccinate her children; Bialik later clarified in an October 2020 YouTube video titled “Anti-Vaxxers and Covid” that yes, she and her children have the proper shots.

Bialik, who has a doctorate in neurobiology in addition to her tenure as a television star, said she does still have some questions about the efficacy of vaccines and noted in the 2020 video they’re “never 100% effective. Still, she said in the 2020 video that she thinks its “very disturbing” people are deciding not to get COVID shots.

“This year I’m going to do something I literally haven’t done in 30 years. I’m going to get a vaccine. And guess what? I’m actually going to get two,” Bialik began, clarifying she would get the coronavirus vaccine and a flu shot. She also said that her children (aged 12 and 15 at the time of the video) had never gotten a flu shot.

“You might be saying, ‘Hey, wait a second, you don’t believe in vaccines! You’re one of those anti-vaxxers,” Bialik said in the video. “Let’s finally talk about it. I wrote a book about 10 years ago about my experience parenting and at the time my children had not received the typical schedule of vaccines. But I have never, not once, said that vaccines are not valuable, not useful, or not necessary because they are.”

Bialik went on to say in the video that she felt the media’s coverage of her comments was “inaccurate.”

“The truth is, I delayed vaccinations for reasons that you don’t necessarily get to know about simply because you follow me on social media,” Bialik said. “As of today, my children may not have had every one of the vaccinations that your children have but my children are vaccinated. I repeat, my children are vaccinated.”

Secondly, the extent of Love’s hatred of Israel is even worse than his words in the article would suggest.

Hat tip: Miriam

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