Hater Fabricates Conversation With Israel Advocate To Get Him Reported For Hate Speech

An Instagram user called ur_arab_habibi has posted what he claims is a chat he had with an Israel advocate called Adiel of Israel.

While ur_arab_habibi only has 200 followers, this has spread far and wide after the below Twitter user tweeted it out:

Here’s the thing: Adiel of Israel never wrote any of what he is accused of – the conversation was entirely fabricated.

How do I know this?

For a start, I know how these haters operate. This is exactly what they do. I have had libels spread about me for over a decade, including, but not limited to, me being accused of being a pedophile, a hacker, and a murderer who escaped Australia to escape prosecution.

So when Adiel tells me this never happened, I believe him. We are dealing with people with no scruples, just a lot of hate.

Not only that, but he sent me the actual contents of the conversation he had with the hater:

Notice now Adiel is polite the entire time. The tone is nothing like that of the person the hater claims is Adiel.

Notice also the timestamps on the respective chats. The “authentic” chat Adiel sent me begins Tues 1:05AM and ends Wed (yesterday) 5:53PM. The “fake chat” has a timestamp of 12:14PM. The hater is located in Jordan, which is the same time zone as Israel. Since the chat was retweeted today at 5:20AM Israel/Jordan time, 12:14PM could only be yesterday or Tuesday, and not today. But the “authentic” chat covers this time span, and as I said, Adiel is polite the entire time.

In addition, it is clear Adiel is someone who promotes coexistence between Jews and Muslims.

He would never write ‘F*ck Arabs, f*ck Islam.”

As Adiel told me:

I try my best to respond to all questions I’m asked on my DMs. A few days ago, this kid sent me a message out of nowhere asking if I remember him. I politely responded that I don’t and asked him who he was. His attitude was goofy from the get-go but I still responded to his questions respectfully. The next day I woke up to fabricated screenshots of a chat that never happened on his stories, where I allegedly cursed Arabs and Muslims and blindly blamed Al Jazeera journalists death on Hamas. Needless to say I have never said such things and I’m pretty open about my take on the Abu Aqleh incident – it’s a bit more nuanced than “Hamas killed her”. Today this Twitter account with an audience of 30k followers posted the fabricated screenshots anonymously, and I immediately found myself spammed with photos of Hitlers and death threats in my DMs. It’s sad to see how far haters would go to demonize me. Anyone who’s familiar with my agenda and my efforts to create ties between Jews and Arabs, can see how ridiculous those fake screenshots are.

It is clear the hater photoshopped Adiel’s photo and handle on to the “chat.” My guess is that he and a fellow hater engaged in the chat just to produce the screenshots, and then did the photoshopping, but it also possible a different pro-Israel person sent the hater those messages (we do have some whackjobs on our side, but they are thankfully very few in number).

Unfortunately, the other side have no shortage of haters and whackjobs who go to crazy lengths to silence those of us who they see as a threat.

And they really should see me as a threat, because I am going to continue to expose their lies and dirty tactics.

Update: The hater’s most recent post:

That’s Israeli actor Oded Fehr! (hat tip: Jez)


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media