A Former Palestinian Salafi Radical Recants His Past Ways

I am not a traitor who sold his homeland and his honor for worldly materials.

I am not deceived, nor a child attached to someone who gave him sweets.

I was a student of knowledge at the hands of eminent scholars, some of whom were sentenced for terrorism and sit in prison now. May Allah never return them or their terror to us ever again.

I started my youth with the words “We will fight our battles with them,” a famous Nasheed of my era, and I almost went to one of the bloodiest fights in the world led by some of the worst terrorists in the world (I would be more specific but for the safety of myself and family this portion will be censored).

My comrades, my friends at the time among them are the murdered (martyr), the imprisoned and the missing, some of whom were leaders of (censored for safety reasons).

I lived in this dark world and I was a part of it, but I thank Allah that he blessed and saved me, freed me from them before my hands were stained with the blood of innocents.

I lived my life lost, searching for the truth, so I turned to the Lord of heaven and prayed:

“Oh Lord, I ask you for forgiveness and wellness in my religion and my world. I ask you for mercy, guidance and steadfastness on your religion. I ask you for purity of heart and mind.”

I made pilgrimage to the House of Allah several times and performed Umrah many times more, and every time I asked Him for purity of the heart. I asked Him for guidance and steadfastness.

I lived my years with the Jews as my enemies; “Do not lose the compass my son, and do not forget Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine”. My only comfort was the reminder of this Hadith “There will come a day when the Jews will hide behind trees and stones, and the trees and the stone will say, “Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah! This is a Jew behind me! Come and kill him.”

Palestine is my cause and my blood shall be sacrificed for it. A lie that was breastfed to me since childhood.

A just cause? Rather it is a commercial transaction that increases in price and our lives are the commodity every time.

We are but a commodity purchased and sold in the  markets of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

This is the truth, and this is my story.

I was deceived, without a mind of my own, always thought for and told “say this and that” and “Shut up boy.”

I took off their hatred and set my mind free from their prison. I think for myself now, and I hear and see with my own mind, not with their rotting minds.

Before I got to where I am I had to throw away their religion, which they created and made us prisoners in its name.

No Salafism after today.

They say al-Bukhari and I say unto them “No, my Lord sayeth, and then my mind and my heart.”

I went through several stages, paths that I took to learn, so that I may cross them safely to where I am.

I sailed in the world of darkness to cross to the shore of light and peace.

They say Israel is my archenemy? To them I say NEVER, not after today,  She is the key to life and the way to a new era in which people will live in peace.

From here and from now I am born again.


Am Yisrael Chai.

In my next post I go into more detail as to how I reached this point.

Ahmad is a Palestinian Muslim who realized the truth and seeks peace with his Israeli brethren. You can find him on Twitter at @Ahmad4ISRL.


ahmad 4israel

Ahmad is a Palestinian Muslim who realized the truth and seeks peace with his Israeli brethren. You can find him on Twitter at @Ahmad4ISRL.

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