A Former Palestinian Salafi Radical’s Vision For Achieving Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is very complicated one. It is beyond someone like me to try to understand it or fix it. It’s been 74 years since the establishment of the modern state of Israel, so who am I to think I am capable of resolving what no-one has successfully come close to resolving?

As I’ve said in the past, no Palestinian state shall be established on the blood of the Jews. In order to negotiate for a Palestinian state, we must first agree without compromise on the right of all Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.

We have major issues hindering the possibility of any successful negotiations, including a corrupt government comprised of the PA. You can’t negotiate with a corrupt government, whose very existence (and receiving of aid) depends on the conflict subsisting!

Then we have terrorist entities hellbent on the destruction of Israel, such as Hamas establishing a state loyal to Iran, and the PIJ, which wants the establishment of a new Khalifa.

In order to proceed, we must weaken these entities and give the Palestinian people the will to stand up against them all. If all aid is suspended and the blockade on Gaza is made even tighter, we might have a chance of a people’s revolt against Hamas and the PIJ in Gaza, and against the PA in the West Bank.

Sadly, in order for this to happen, we need to have the cooperation of the US and other Middle Eastern countries, and even then, new leadership needs to arise from among the ashes and be prepared to lead the Palestinian people. Only then can we have a true Palestinian Authority ready to sit at the negotiating table.

We also would need a strong police force capable of establishing law and order, as well as a reformation of the religious and education system. We cannot tolerate hate and incitement! Tolerance and acceptance of others must be the core focus, with an emphasis on coexistence with Jews in Israel.

The above thoughts are a work-in-progress, the ideas of a hopeful man wishing for a better future for my own people. A future in which my people can be tolerant of others. A future in which the prospect of having a Shabbat dinner or a Ramadan meal between Muslims and Jews is no longer a dream but a reality.


ahmad 4israel

Ahmad is a Palestinian Muslim who realized the truth and seeks peace with his Israeli brethren. You can find him on Twitter at @Ahmad4ISRL.

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