A Former Palestinian Salafi: Jews Have Saved Me

In my devastating grief, I felt lost and continue to feel sorrow while my soul languishes in pain, but even in said moments, God sent people my way to help and remind me of his love, and that I am never alone.

The irony of my story are those whom God has sent my way to save this lost Palestinian soul and once again give it hope. It was none other than the same people we hurt, and continue to do so; the people for whom we continue to call for their genocide: the Jews.

How could the same people you called your enemy be the source of your hope and the source of your strength and inspiration? They saved me, and this is nothing new to them. To the blind haters, it’s impossible to see the good in anyone, let alone the same people the hateful liars have dehumanized and demonized for so long. The Jews, despite 3,000 years of oppression and genocide, have continued to keep their humanity and know a thing or two about hurt, loss and pain. But they put it to good use, channeling the hope, strength, power and resilience within them to help others.

Recently, I was blessed to reunite with my dear brother Joseph @israel_advocacy who’s an inspiration to me, a man of honor and greatness who continues to insist on paying for our meal. Yes, people, an Arab lost to a Jew this beautiful battle of who pays for dinner.

I recently was blessed to meet Shaun @shaunmmaguire a down-to-earth man, a kind humble one who’s trying to build a bridge of peace amongst us despite our failure at humanity. Please brother let’s not walk again, I am old and my legs are sore now.

I was also blessed to meet Ariel @arieljalali another down-to-earth man, a humble and considerate and wise one. We talked for hours till midnight, with not a dull moment. I appreciated all your advice and insight, not to mention the tea with honey.

In my loss I found comfort, love and humanity within them. To them, I owe a debt of gratitude – the many who stood beside me lending a helping hand, a listening ear, kind words and warm hugs They’re compassionate, empathetic and I can never forget that.

My dear brother the iron man @Maccabi226km, the constant power, the empath, for two years always there for me, your strength an inspiration to me.

The beautiful gentle @libertycopula who shines bright with so much love.

My dear brother @RealDanSadan who would talk to me for hours bringing me a sense of calm in my darkest moments

My dear brother @Israellycool the man who gave my voice a platform and empowered my voice.

To everyone, I bow before you, humbled by your grace, kindness and love This is my dream, for my people to see and experience the humanity the Jewish people hold within them to know they’re not our enemy. They are – if we choose to accept – our greatest allies, our salvation, and the path to everlasting peace.

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Salaam and Shalom. Hope for the future. May you go from strength to strength – Am Israel Chai

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