“Syrian Girl” Maram Susli’s Latest Dumb Lie Exposed

Not a day goes by when “Syrian Girl” Maram Susli doesn’t lie about the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Such is her Jew-hatred and love of terrorists, she will say whatever it takes, emboldened by an adoring audience of fellow antisemites and terror supporters.

The thing is, she is arrogant and not particularly intelligent, which makes her ripe for the picking when it comes to catching her in lie. Which is exactly what Avi Yemini did after she claimed he had called her out of the blue to invite her to Israel while implying he was doing so behind his wife’s back.

Naturally, because of her arrogance and stupidity, she is doubling down:

It goes without saying that she seems to be lying again.

Note the text messages that Avi showed in the video:

That first text message indicates it was their first correspondence, and is not consistent with the idea he had first called her on the phone. For instance, why would he say he got her “number from Daria” had he already called her before?

And while she claims she “never said there was anything untoward going on with his then fiancé”, she clearly implied it.

And I am not sure which video she watched, but Avi seems anything but “angry.” He is simply and calmly ridiculing her for her lies.

Being exposed as such a shameless liar might cause a normal person to shut up, at least for a while. But Botoxic Syrian Girl is not normal.

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