Zahra Billoo Back To Inciting Against The “Polite Zionists”

A few years ago, I exposed Zahra Billoo, the executive director of CAIR in San Francisco and former board member of the Women’s March, who incited against Jews in a speech at the AMP conference. In her speech, Billoo made it clear that “Zionists” are the enemies of Muslims, an enemy that – she chillingly added – will be defeated.

These Zionists included not just what she called the “fascists” but also the “polite Zionists” of the ADL, the Jewish Federation, synagogues and Hillel chapters on campus.

Following the uproar over exposure of this speech, Billoo claimed we twisted her words and took (or perhaps was forced to take) a “Sabbatical.” But the fallout from her speech continued, as she was removed as a keynote speaker from San Mateo County’s RISE 2022 women’s leadership conference. But she did have support from antisemites, including Jewish ones.

That was then and this is now. And Billoo is back to inciting against the “polite Zionists”, accusing them of complicity in, and being cheerleaders for, genocide:

Make no mistake about it – at a time of increased antisemitism and physical attacks against Jews, these words can only serve to further incite violence.

Not that Billoo seems to have a problem with extreme violence against Jews.

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