Anti-Israel Actors Financially Ruin Sydney Theatre Company

On November 25 last year, three cast members of the Sydney Theatre Company (STC) production The Seagull wore keffiyehs on stage as they took a curtain call, as a form of “on-stage pro-Palestine protest.”


The actors were Harry Greenwood, Mabel Li and Megan Wilding.

Perhaps the keffiyeh – a symbol of those who have murdered tens of thousands of Jews – was appropriate for this mob, since they might just have murdered the STC.

Alan Joyce has resigned from his post as chairman of the Sydney Theatre Company and urged the board to make “tough” decisions to keep the company afloat amid the fallout from an on-stage pro-Palestine protest.

Mr Joyce told senior management he was “reluctant” to step down but felt he was not able to “devote the considerable time necessary” to fix the crisis.

He had been in the role just eight months before several actors staged a pro-Palestine protest during a curtain call for a play called ‘The Seagull’.

“We understand the actions at the curtain call and our immediate response has hurt many in our community. For this, we are deeply sorry,” the STC said.

“We support individual freedom of expression but believe that the right to free speech does not supersede our responsibility to create safe workplaces and theatres.”

The on-stage protest sparked a movement calling on actors and musicians to wear keffiyehs during the performances and concerts.

However, the incident drew intense criticism from many theatre-goers and patrons, with Carla Zampatti CEO Alex Schuman stepping down from the company’s board.

According to The Australian, the company has lost an estimated $1.5 million as a result of cancelled tickets and withdrawn financial support.  

In his letter to the board, Mr Joyce said it was “clear” the company’s operating deficit had becoming “dramatically worse” and urged management to act.

“It is clear that the company’s significant operating deficit has become dramatically worse as a result of recent events which has caused a large drop in revenue,” he wrote.

“I urge the management and board to make the tough and immediate decisions required to ensure the company’s ongoing survival. They won’t be easy, and they won’t be popular.”

Greenwood is the son of Hollywood actor Hugo Weaving, and he has flaunted the keffiyeh also on his Instagram:

His father played – among other things – Nazi villain Red Skull in the Marvel movies. At least he was just acting – junior seems to be supporting the modern day Nazis.

Suffice to say, Greenwood and his fellow morally bankrupt thespians might have just bankrupted their employer. Which I assume might not irk these apparent Marxists too much.

How typical of the anti-Israel crowd – they, like the people they claim to support, stand not for positivity but rather for destruction.

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