‘Invasion Day’ Rallies An Exercise in Hatred Against Australia AND Israel

Today, January 26, is Australia Day, the official national day of Australia. It marks the 1788 landing of Britain’s First Fleet and raising of the Union Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove, that ultimately led to the nation that Australia has become.

It is meant to recognize the contributions of Australia to the nation, while also encouraging reflection on past wrongs including towards Indigenous Australians and also giving respect and celebrating the diversity and achievements of Australian society past and presen. But in recent times, many indigenous Australians and their allies have called to change the date, for they see the day as a black mark in history.

Hence why we saw ‘Invasion Day’ rallies in Australia today. And you already know who has co-opted this cause: Australian palestinian Arabs, who like their US counterparts, see as useful the hitching of their wagon to the cause of ‘Brown people’ while biting the hand that feeds them:

At the various rallies, the Israel-hate, as well as palestinian Arab flags and chants, have been prominent:

Not to mention, the same kind of rhetoric and hate employed against Australia that the haters employ against Israel, including “F**k Israel and F**k Australia:


And good old fashioned antisemitism:

Once again, those who proved so adept at hijacking planes have now taken to successfully hijacking causes. And they have done so here, with the result that these Indigenous Australians are siding with the descendants of colonizers and against their fellow indigenous people, the Jews.

What we are witnessing is “first they came for the Jews….” in real-time. Once again, the so-called “Palestinian cause” seeks to poison and destroy everything in its path. And Australia is on its list.

By the way, here in Israel, ‘Invasion Day’ is October 7.

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