When They Eat Their Own: Nerdeen Kiswani vs Ayat Restaurant Owners

Nerdeen Kiswani is one of the worst Israel-haters out there. Not just because she is a vile antisemite and shameless terror supporter, but she is out and proud about her terror support, while trying to influence young hearts and minds – something she is quite successful at doing.

The owners of NYC restaurant Ayat are not quite at the same level – their antisemitism and terror support is not as obvious, although it is there – but they are certainly Israel-haters.

So you’d think Kiswani and them would get on like a house on fire. She might even eat there. Instead, she is eating her own, to the point of attacking them on social media, essentially because they are not as antisemitic and as supportive of terrorism as she is.

Their supposed crimes include hosting a free Shabbat dinner for Jews (who one can assume were predominantly of the anti-Zionist persuasion), referring to some Ha’aretz journalists as from “Tel Aviv”, promoting peaceful relations (at least with anti-Zionist Jews), and supporting the NYPD:

In other Kiswani-related news, she was recently arrested at an anti-Israel protest:

I am not sure if this claim by actor Michael Rapaport is true (she denies it), but one can live in hope:

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