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Joe used to make silly drawings, cartoons and illustrations for fun. Now Joe makes silly drawings, cartoons and illustrations for other reasons. A virtual reality enthusiast, videogame soundtrack collector, and all-round awkward guy

Joe’s World: Enthusiasts

A response to The Guardian

Joe’s World: Alternative Facts

Joe/Yossi is back after a long break

Joe’s World: Israel’s SUPER Spies

The greatest comic that never existed, featuring everyone's favourite Israeli spy dolphin.

Joe’s World: ISIS eyes Gaza

But this isn't your typical jihad.

Joe’s World: Angel of Pizza

Another cheesy headline

Joe’s World: Yom Ha’atzmaut With A Chance of Showers

A little artwork inspired by the day of celebration (weather permitting).

Joe’s World: Rouhani’s Yearning

Absence (of nukes) makes the heart grow fonder.

Joe’s World: Haneen Zoabi’s Election Selfie

Nothing says 'apartheid' quite like equal citizenship

Joe’s World: Random Folks

A bunch of random ones.

Joe’s World: William of Misfortune

Schabas takes a guess

Joe’s World: Obama’s Special Delivery

A fowl plot is afoot

Joe’s World: Miss Israel’s “Photobomb”

An emergency meeting at the UN has been called to deal with this provocation

Joe’s World: Congratulations President Abbas!

He just doesn't know when to quit

Joe’s World: Charlie Hebdo

A tribute to all of the innocent lives lost
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