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Joe’s World: Haneen Zoabi’s Election Selfie

Note: This cartoon may be reprinted provided you link back to this source.

69 thoughts on “Joe’s World: Haneen Zoabi’s Election Selfie”

  1. Arabs having the right to vote as Israeli citizens is a good thing. Large numbers of Arabs actually exercising their right to vote as Israeli citizens is a bad thing, apparently.

    1. I don’t think it’s Israeli Arabs voting that’s a bad thing, I think it’s Haneen Zoabi. Imagine if you had a US senator who suggested that Al Qaeda weren’t terrorist, that they were freedom fighters, and who would make a point of walking out while Stars and Stripes was played.

      1. Then what on earth was Netanyahu crying about yesterday warning Israelis that large numbers of Arabs were being bused-in to voting places? A lot of American media are making comparisons between Netanyahu’s election-day warnings and anti-Black/Hispanic voter suppression efforts here in America.

        1. Two things: First, you may not have heard, but a couple of days before the election Zoabi publicly stated in an interview that she is in the Knesset solely to advance the Palestinian cause and that for her Gaza and Haifa are the same thing. Second, not everything that happens in Israel is paralleled by something in the USA. The last I heard large numbers of blacks and Hispanics don’t object to the existence of the USA and several hundred haven’t been arrested for terrorism related charges.

          1. I agree that America and Israel are very different democratic countries with different histories, issues, demographics, etc. But it is difficult for any American not to see Netanyahu’s actions toward Arab voter participation rates on election day in anything other than a negative light. He wasn’t celebrating their decision to exercise their “universal franchise” was he? He wasn’t encouraging Arab participation to show the world that Israel is a fully-functioning democracy, warmly embracing it’s pluralism, was he? He was acting as any worn-out fear-mongering
            hack politician would, wasn’t he? On this Israeli election day, Bibi Netanyahu seemed not so much like world statesman Winston Churchill and a lot more like disgraced former U.S. President Richard M. Nixon.

            1. The objection is not against Arabs per se but against the parties they would vote for. The response from Bibi was not to prevent them from voting but to encourage others to vote too. Higher turnout, more democratic, what is the problem?

            2. You miss the point: they weren’t prevented from voting. Were they used as a device to encourage non-Arabs to vote? Yes. So what?

        2. Because a lot of American media is pro Obama and biased against Netanyahu. There is no comparison to be made, because Netanyahu was not trying to suppress or prevent in any way the arab voting effort. He was trying to encourage right wing voters to come and vote to contradict the arab voting effort and reduce it’s effect, which is actually what democracy is all about, unless you are the standard leftist for whom this is democracy only as long as it’s promoting your cause.
          And by the way, in most elections in the past, left wing leaders in Israel used the same tactics to reduce the impact of the voting efforts of orthodox Jewish parties Shas and Yahadut Hatora.

          1. We are Americans and we see things based on our own experiences, values, etc. I understand exactly what you are saying and it makes sense in Israeli elections. Just don’t expect most Americans to applaud his unsavory tactics or that we would want to apply them to our own elections. Ironically, extreme American right-wingers such as radio talk show host Mark Levin and Breitbart’s Joel Pollack are actually advocating using Bibi’s election tactics as a template forRepublican electoral success. I can only hope the Republicans are that dumb.

            1. Israel gave Arabs the vote long before the US gave it to the blacks so don’t get too cocky with your “experiences and values”. If America faced the same threat from blacks that Israel does from the Arabs you would be living under martial law.

              1. You’re the cocky one, chum. Your anti-American rhetoric is offensive and revealing. Clean up your own country before you start on mine. You’ve got plenty to work on there in Israel. Get back to me when Israelis elect their first “Arab Israeli” prime minister.

                1. I’m a Brit, not a Jew or Israeli, and you are the one with the anti-American values. You think electing a half-caste face makes you the the land of the free when in fact his policies are damaging the things that made America great in the first place.

                  1. To an American ear “half-caste face” is offensive. But yes, there are people who congratulate themselves for voting for Obama because they think it “progressive” to vote for someone because of the colour of their skin and fit the stereotype that Bea Arthur parodied in the TV series Maude.

                    Obama’s parentage is interesting but IMV incidental. The US will truly get beyond the issue of race when the only thing important about a candidate is “the colour of their character”, policies and abilities.

                2. Jim, i don’t know if you’re aware of that, but the chairman of the election committee, supervising the entire election process is a supreme court judge and an ISRAELI ARAB.
                  The fact is the Israeli arabs have almost limitless options, as long as they make a real effort to achieve what they want and have the will to integrate in Israeli society.
                  However, there will never be an “Arab Israeli” prime minister in Israel, because when that happens Israel will not exist any more… and it is enough to see the rhetoric of almost all Arab representatives to the Knesset and hear their position regarding the state of Israel (which essentially comes down to “we want a palestinian state instead of, and not besides, the state of Israel”), to understand why.

                  1. The obvious solution to this problem for a lot of us around the world is to give them half a loaf instead of nothing at all. Instead many on the Israeli Right work mightily to help to make their lives miserable and hope the Arabs will just live somewhere else. So now that Netanyahu has declared the two-state solution officially dead, I want to see how he is going to make the lives of all Israelis, Jews, Muslims, Christians, nonbelievers, Gays, Straights, religious, Ultra-Orthodox, everyone, better.

                    1. The two state solution is dead, but not because Netanyahu declared it dead. It’s dead because there is no negotiating partner. Once again, the situation on the ground is not complex – Neyanyahu won on promises of fighting for security. The only reason he was lagging is not because most Israelis are not happy with him re Palestenian Arabs or Jerusalem or Territories but because they are unhappy with internal issues like very high cost if living, taxes etc. It’s like when the anti-Israel crowd and media were complaining during the Gaza conflict that Israel has the Iron Dome and Palestenians don’t – and no one was discussing the cost of having and using the Iron Dome and how many times it was used before Israel’s patience ran out. And how the media jumped on the story of Israel turning off power in West Bank for like 45 minutes, but not how the bill is over a billion dollars! Money is pouring in from donations to Gaza for construction (and being diverted of course), but who funds the Iron Dome and the rest and the electricity expenses when they rise as the cost is passed on to Israelis?
                      The Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza are going to stay where they are; all any Israeli government can do for now is to keep them from sneaking in and murdering Israelis. BTW, there was all this righteous indignation when Bibi told French Jews to come to Israel, but why do you never hear any Muslim or Arab country inviting Palestenian Arabs? Even leader of democratic Turkey talks about G-d willing praying at Al Alaqsa rather than inviting Palestenians to come to Turkey.

                    2. Yep, all these so-called “concerned” countries such as the US, EU, Turkey, Qatar, etc. could solve the conflict tomorrow by offering full citizenship and benefits to any Arab from WB/Gaza who wanted it. 80-90% of Gazans would like to emigrate now if given the possibility. You wouldn’t see them for dust.

                    3. Bibi is who he is and always was, a gifted politician who knows how to cling to power. Israelis know this better than anyone. If the economy was the central issue for Israeli voters on Tuesday, why did so many respond to Netanyahu’s last minute scare tactics concerning the country’s security? We’ve seen Bibi the gifted pol, I’m waiting for Bibi the gifted statesman.

                    4. No point worrying about economy if you’re dead – it’s called priorities. The young people are unhappy about how little their hard earned money buys, but at least they survive by living in credit; the pensioners are really getting squeezed. I guess for all his talk, they didn’t think Bujie would do better. Plus he teamed up with Tsipi and people don’t trust her anymore. I think that’s how Lapid rose in popularity so quickly last time – when push came to shove he was pretty much the same as Bibi on key security issues but kept talking about economy and seemed more trustworthy.

                    5. I really appreciate your comments here, Inessa, whether directed to me or others. Your comments are focused, understandable, informative and always civil in tone. I’m always looking for reliable sources of information regarding Israel and Israelis. Where do you go to get your information on this subject?

                    6. Thank you (I’m blushing). I like to think I can relate to many different perspectives from personal experience.
                      Information: blogs like Israellycool, the links in Elder of Ziyon. My parents in law were pensioners in Israel (they just moved to live with us), I have some family in Israel, and friends from Israel, of different background, who have family in Israel, and I’m chatty – so I hear different perspectives. I try to read and weed out the facts from the writer’s agenda, especially when the same story is in different sources and framed differently, and then form an opinion.
                      I think a lot of people outside of Israel, like me, have generally very liberal views but on Israel sound right of right wing. This is because so much is written with such double standard that not to counter it is to allow an injustice. Also, I like to point out to people that there are so many negative articles in the media about Israel, but you have to go to blogs like this one and Israeli publications to read the positive stories. As someone said to me last night, “We never hear of these things” when I told him about the program by Hadassa hospital to train Palestenian doctors. The reason is that networks and newspapers apparently don’t want to pay for stories that paint Israel in a positive light, doesn’t fit in with how they want to frame stories on Israel.

                    7. Also, as it’s coming up to Pesach; I am supervising this doctor from Ukraine, who isn’t Jewish. She heard my husband and our receptionist speaking in Hebrew and she said she should understand it by now as she heard it so much in Odessa. I said that I think she must mean Yiddish, and she thought Yiddish and Hebrew were the same. It was the first time I heard someone say they sounded similar. So I was explaining to her about Hebrew and Yiddish and then about Sephardi Jews and Ladino and she asked me how I knew so much about this. And I said, it would be wrong not to know as it’s the story of my people. It just happens to be a long and convoluted story.

                    8. Here’s a good article. It was emailed to me and I have tried to link to it, but I haven’t managed.

                      Israel Hayom is the ‘mouthpiece’ of Likud but this is an interesting article. It was sent to us by someone who usually votes ‘Labour’ in Israel.

                      ?? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????? ???/? ???

                      ??????? 18.03.2015



                      ???? ??????

                      The people are not stupid
                      The people, in all their chutzpah, decided for the fourth time on Tuesday that Benjamin Netanyahu will lead the Israeli government. How could the people have dared vote this way, despite the pundits, journalists, pollsters, party representatives, former groundskeepers and friends from the Prime Minister’s Residence — who all painted Netanyahu in black? How did this nation dare prove wrong the experts, who predicted a revolution and continued yesterday evening to prophesy and concoct coalitions? The only thing they did manage to prove, again, was that they chose the wrong profession.

                      The expertise of the press in recent months has been to delegitimize the prime minister, his party, the Israeli economy, the education system and the health system. I must admit that a certain website — Ynet — even made me miss my days in Mauritania, an extremely poor country where I lived for four years, because I believed for a moment I was actually living somewhere worse.

                      But the people are not stupid. For years, efforts have been made to propagate the notion of a warmongering, peace-hating Right. They did it with Menachem Begin and with Yitzhak Shamir. And we have not forgotten that Ariel Sharon was spared by the establishment only after deciding to give away land.

                      Suffice it to say, those who brazenly insisted in recent months that Israel would become an apartheid state if no change is made and if no concessions are granted to the Palestinians, will lambast these results because democracy is only good and successful when the left wins. When the right wins it is a little bit tougher to accept the results. We were already in this movie with Begin in 1977.

                      There is no question this nation deserves more. It deserves more vacations, and a higher quality of life, and more leisure time and money in its wallet, and a smaller mortgage and more assets to pass down. But the people are not stupid and understand very well that Israel is not a normal country — and that, with all due respect to the price of a chocolate pudding dessert, the word “security” carries significance.

                      Just last summer, during yet another round of fighting in Gaza, 70 mothers and fathers buried their children. No country in the world would accept such a reality. The people are not stupid. They understand exceedingly well that another round of fighting is more likely than a peace agreement.

                      Just this month, world powers are expected to sign an awful nuclear deal with Iran, which the prime minister is unwilling to accept. The people are not stupid. They understand, quite well actually, that with all due respect to the Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Netanyahu is more trustworthy.

                      But most importantly, and this is something everyone needs to remember, even if someone held a senior position in the past or was a really high-ranking officer in the army, and even if they have a microphone or access to a television studio, or even if they own a newspaper and a website and have a multitude of interests — the people in Israel are sovereign.

                      And this nation does not appreciate it when others try making its decisions.

                      These past few months proved to me yet again how fun it is to live in this country, where it is impossible to fool the voter. They thought the voter was dumb enough to vote in relation to some pistachio ice cream and a few recyclable bottles.

                      Commentators, reporters, pollsters, party heads, former groundskeepers and some old friend, you wanted a revolution. We got one. The polls predicted a left-wing government and we got a right-wing government instead. That’s how it goes when you live in a democracy rather than a mediacracy. Apologies to everyone, and to you, too, President Barack Obama — we have forced you to continue working with Netanyahu, who luckily for us does not see the world the way you do.

                      Good luck, Mr. Prime Minister.

                      ???? ??? ????
                      ???????? ??????:
                      [Previous newsletters /]

                      ??????? ????? ?????? ??????? >
                      All rights reserved to Israel Hayom
                      Created by:

                    9. Thanks for sharing, Inessa. It’s good to hear this point of view, whether or not it conforms to my own. It is extremely unlikely that I would have sought this out on Israel Hayom on my own.

                3. We’ve already had our first Arab acting President. And the head of the elections committee (and member of Israel’s Supreme Court) is Arab.

                4. Thanks to Obama threatening and meddling in our politics not only don’t Israelis trust him they despise him.

                  Add Egyptian, Jordanians and Saudis who despise and mistrust Obama.

                  That is his only accomplishment. United the Jews and Arabs against his meddling and incompetence.

                  1. So you’re saying by uniting Arabs and Jews for a common purpose, Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize after all. Glad all that fuss wasn’t just a big waste of time, then.

            2. I’m an American and I see tons of “unsavory” election practices going on all the time here – how about UCLA’s attempt to restrict a candidate for their board because she’s a Jew. How about angry black men standing outside the polling booths in Detroit to make sure people voted for Obama. Come on, get off your high horse. Plus, I miss your funny posts.

              1. I apologize for coming off as so high and mighty, and I can understand some interpreting my words in that way. It is off-putting to not speak the whole truth in all the the things that went on in yesterday’s elections.

            3. Your experiences mean nothing here in the Middle East.

              Frankly you Yanks are clueless about anything outside of your own country and every place you meddle in is destroyed and wrecked by war. Perhaps you should stay out of matters you do not understand.

            4. We don’t expect anything from you. We don’t give a damn about Americans, just leave our internal affairs alone and don’t interfere with our country’s politics. Obama can kiss my white ass.

          2. You’re 100% right. The leftist media made up that Bibi was going to lose, and now that it didn’t happen, they turn to another tactic – demonizing his election campaign. They are losers and utlimately they will fail.

        3. I think it was badly phrased but I suspect Israelis knew what he meant. He didn’t mean that they were encouraging Arabs to exercise their right to vote, but specifically that they were strong arm influencing who to vote for and then pushing them to the voting booths. Israelis from the former Soviet Union would have understood exactly – that’s the sort of tactic that the outcry over that referendum in Crimea was about. He should have spelled it out.

          1. As bad as the Israeli Left feels today, I suspect there are some who worked very hard for the Jewish Home Party who feel even worse. I was listening to some of the post-election coverage on Voice of Israel last night and a Jewish Home worker was expressing his anger at Netanyahu. After several attempts by the Voice of Israel host to calm him down without success, the telephone conversation ended abruptly. It really comes down to how much do you trust Bibi Netanyahu to do what he says he will do.

            1. Because when Bibi steals your votes by scaring your voters, you get upset, no? And this is exactly what he did. If it wouldn’t for Bibi’s panic trick, Likud would have 21 seats and HaBayit HaYehudi would have 17.

          2. But you know how that referendum in Crimea was carried out, with Russian soldiers and Girkin’s militia first forcing members of parliament to schedule the referendum, and then came the good old rule, “it’s not how they vote is important, but how we count the votes”.

      2. We do have Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi from California who openly expressed in July 2014, during Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza, that Hamas is a humanitarian organization as explained to her by representatives of Qatar.

    2. There is no problem with Arabs voting otherwise they would be barred from doing so. What concerned Bibi was the parties these Arabs would be voting for based on the NGOs that were bussing them. He therefore called on Likud supporters, whether Jew or Arab, to go to the polls too.

      1. The vast majority of Americans, Republican or Democratic, would have been outraged had Republican candidate Mitt Romney made an election day call to his supporters to get to the polls because turn out in Black and Hispanic districts were up. Such an event would have rightly been viewed as an affront to American values of justice, pluralism and fair-play.

        I understand that Israeli Arabs (even this construction sounds very strange to Americans) voting in Israeli elections can be problematic because so many of them oppose the existence of a Jewish state. Israelis can pat themselves on the back all they want, but they should admit that they would really prefer that the Arabs just stay home on election day, that they certainly not be part of any governing coalition, and really would prefer that the Arabs leave the country altogether.

        1. Arab Israelis is the same construction as Arab Americans and ethnic voting trends are undeniably a part of US politics.

          You make vast assumptions about what Israelis want, but ignore the reality of what actually happens in the country. The Arabs on the other hand drove out all the Jews from all the Arab-held territories and the Jews didn’t even have a vote there.

          1. But you have Arab Israelis who are Jews and therefore not referred to as Arab Israelis, they are referred to as Sephardic Jews. When I see the term “Arab Israelis” I assume the term is used to underscore the fact that they aren’t Jewish. This is why that construction sounds very strange to an American like me. I just don’t think we would make that kind of distinction among Americans.

            1. If you asked the Jews from Arab countries how they prefer to be identified, you’d be told by the vast, vast majority of them that they don’t like the term “Arab Jews” at all. So, please don’t project. Arab Israelis or Israeli Arabs are called that because they’re Arabs who are citizens of Israel. Nothing more and nothing less.
              By the way, there are quite a few non-Arab non-Jews who are citizens in Israel as well, and have full rights and who participate happily in Israeli society. Have you heard about Assyrian Christians, Druze, or Circassians? Your assumption that Jewish Israelis like to single out non-Jews is baseless.

              1. My observation was as an American, nothing more. I am not projecting any negative connotation onto Israelis. That is all in your head. We have Arab Americans in my country. We have Jewish Americans who come from Arab countries as well. But I can’t come up with a term that Americans use to distinguish these two kinds of Arab Americans. This was my one and only point regarding this innocent observation. If you need to ascribe some dark motive to it, then so be it.

                1. Your own words were, “When I see the term “Arab Israelis” I assume the term is used to underscore the fact that they aren’t Jewish.” There’s nothing innocent about that projection.

                  1. But you and others confirmed that my assumption was correct. I do try to apply some logic to better understand the reality of life in Israel. Jewish identity is far more important for Israelis than it is for Americans. For me, this is not making a value judgment, but rather acknowledging the different realities that exist in our two countries. You really do seem like you are trying to pick a fight with me.

                2. I’m sure if you were to ask them the Arabs from Arab countries would call themselves Arab Americans/American Arabs and the Jews from Arab countries would call themselves Jewish Americans/American Jews!

            2. That’s what liberalism does to people. It makes them dumb. One cannot be a Jew and an Arab at the same time. Either you are a Jew, or are a non-Jew. And there is no other option. If, G-d forbid, your father is an Arab and your mother is a Jew, then for Arabs you are an Arab and for Jews you are a Jew, but you aren’t a Jewish Arab or Arab Jew by any definition.

        2. I am an American and am commenting on perception of Israelis. I think that Israelis accept and want the active participation of Israeli Arabs who want to make Israel a better place for both Jews and Arabs. I think that Israelis would prefer that Arabs who don’t believe in Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, who demonize and delegitimize Israel, or who encourage and applaud acts of terrorism, leave the country and settle in some Arab country.

        3. I’ll tell you what I’d prefer. The Israeli Arabs should decide if they are loyal Israelis or Palestinians. They can’t have it both ways. The knesset members from the Arab list publicly stated that they would never be part of a coalition and the head of the Arab list objects to Arabs being compelled to do national civilian service

        4. Americans who are voting are not under constant threat of being stabbed, run over, blown up and demonised for trying to stop these things. In the US the campaign is about getting oneself elected. In Israel, they have to vote for the one who might improve standard of living but also has the best chance of not getting Israel annihilated. There is less option for political correctness. This is a situation of vote the wrong way, and it might be your children who get blown up or kidnapped and killed next time, if the other guy is any softer on security.
          A fair comparison would be if Mitt Romney said go and vote because the numbers of Mexican ex-pats who want all Mexican drug lords released from prison, and who support Mexico replacing the U.S. are up. In short, there is nothing in the US that’s comparable.

    3. Charles Nankin

      arabs voting is good for democracy. the reality that many arabs might vote for an end to the only democracy in the MidEast… is bad for democracy.

      arabs good. destruction of democracies bad.

    4. Don’t you find support among Arab parties for Hamas and Hezbollah disturbing?

      Don’t you find Zoabi’s support for terrorism against Jews a little racist?

      Are you not disturbed by MK Tibi warmly endorsing martyrs?

      Are you not troubled by by Arab communists wrecking the economy like Obama is doing to your economy?

      1. I understand you don’t come to IsraellyCool just to read my comments so that you know what I think on all subjects. But I’ve made it clear over and over at this site that I loathe terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and actively support Israeli efforts to forcefully deal with them.

        I had always supported the idea that Arabs like MK Tibi had no place in any Israeli parliamentary system but she should be a part of the government of an independent Palestinian state. Celebrating terrorists who murder Israelis is one of the many things I detest about her and the larger Palestinian culture.

        I know nothing of Arab communists and their ability to wreck Israel’s economy, so I have nothing for you on that one.

        1. The “Arab communists” he is referring to are Chadash, the mixed Jewish-Arab successor party to MAK”I (Israel Communist Party, later RAKA”CH/New Communist List). This election they ran as part of the Joint Arab List in order to get over the newly-raised electoral threshold. As much as I loathe the g-dless religion known as communism, there are Jews who adhere to it as well. Them I in fact despise even more.

          Incredibly, the original founder of Mak”i was a former Haganah commander, Moshe Sneh.

  2. The irony is that rather than vote for a chaotic rabble of Arab Communists, Arab Islamists, Arab Fascists, Arab semi-Fascists, half of the Arab sector voted for Zionist parties.

    Perhaps normal politicians have something to offer — like horsetrading and bargaining to get your town new schools, roads, sewer lines, and other things they actually need.

    Not every Arab is crazy.

    1. Zionists parties? Surely you aren’t counting Meretz. Where does the word Zionist appear on their site. And I might add that the Mem in Meretz stands for Mapam, the original Jewish Communist Party whose paper mourned arch anti-semite Stalin.

      Given the statements of some of the members of the so-called Zionist Union, it would be hard to call them Zionist.

      1. Mapam bordered on Communist (which is why Ben-Gurion, a socialist himself, had them under surveillance by the Shin Bet) but apparently not “all the way” — as Moshe Sneh found it necessary to break with them and set up Maki (Israel Communist Party/miflaga komunistit israelit, later to be raka”ch — reshima komunistit chadasha — then Chadash, now part of the Arab United List).

  3. Residents of the Bedouin village Arab al Na’im in northern Israel
    were not surprised Wednesday to discover that more than 76 percent of
    them had voted for the Likud party. The United Arab List received only
    about 15 percent of the village’s votes, Ma’ariv reported.

    Why did these Bedouin villagers vote en masse for Netanyahu’s party?

    Village Clerk Nimer Naim told Ma’riv: “The truth is it’s surprising
    to us as well, but it turns out each one of us voted their hearts. It
    was a free election.”

    “This settlement was always discriminated against, and no one would
    recognize us as an official settlement. All the governments
    discriminated against us, while recognizing smaller communities. Bibi
    Netanyahu himself and the Likud government finally recognized us,” Naim

    “In our heritage, we remember the good things a person did for us, and that explains this unusual vote.”

    Now THAT’S how to get out the vote!

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