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Oops, They Did It Again

Another example of palestinians hijacking someone else's struggle

Voices from Gaza; Voices from Canada

How can people who claim to be supporting the "democratic rights of Palestinians" participate in pro Hamas rallies?

The Propaganda War Comes Home

The "peace activists" with whom I formerly associated are showing their nasty side

Israel: Beacon of Hope

Israel stands as a beacon of hope to the world that these demonic forces will not win in the end

Refuting Claims Against Israel Regarding IDF Operations In Gaza

Take it from someone who lived in Gaza

Hamas: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

What happens when Hamas Terrorists operate near churches, schools and within residential neighborhoods?

Believable Lies Are Dangerous Lies

Isn't lying to tell the truth still lying?

From Hope To Disappointment

I posted in hope. I am now writing in disappointment.

A Gazan Child’s Hope For The Future

Linda recalls an essay she received from one of her students

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