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PA Palling Around With Jihadists

When it comes to Palestinian unity, peace-loving Abbas will consider anything
screen shot of Benjamin Netanyahu for video 5 steps for peacevideo

WATCH: 5 Steps for Peace

5 steps to peace sounds so simple,
13 year old Halel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist as she slept in her bed.

Reader Post: The Terrorism Game

Reader Sammy asks has anybody else had enough of this horrifying charade?

When Incitement Kills

How long does it take a Palestinian to act on an incitement?
Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas And His Wayward Warnings

He is not to be listened to

Abbas’ April Fool’s Joke On Incitement

When Abbas talks about incitement, he fails to see his own

Cartoon: The Camera Don’t Lie

Why is the Palestinian Authority President so opposed to security cameras on the Temple Mount? Zion Mike knows.

Abbas Reveals Motive Behind His Incitement

Just in case it wasn't clear . . . .

WATCH: Someone Send Some Preparation H To The State Department

They’re going to have terrible haemorrhoids at the State Department if they keep sitting on that very narrow fence.

Pope: “I Am Converting To Islam” – Associated Press

You see that headline come across your news desk from a wire service: would you try to fact check it with the Vatican?

…And Then Pope Francis Called Him An “Angel Of Peace”

Here are Mahmoud Abbas's most angelic moments.

The International Community’s Support For Killing The Jews

What would a weak condemnation of Jew-killing statements achieve?

This Fox News Headline Is Sly As A Fox

It's a falsehood in a headline and so subtle it's almost not there. It's a lie that's sly as an, um, Fox.

Claiming A Jewish Conspiracy Controls US Politics Might Not Be Best Way To Prove...

Steven Gutkin's follow-up serves primarily as an illustration, rather than a rebuttal, of the way the AP's Jerusalem Bureau is tainted by an agenda that prevents accurate reporting


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