WATCH: Someone Send Some Preparation H To The State Department

Matt Lee, @APDiploWriter,  once again roasts the State Department. Are they really saying that Netanyahu and the Israeli government need to stop inciting Jews to go out and murder Arabs? Because that’s what he keeps saying. He’s trying so hard to sit on the fence he’s getting a terrible case of haemorrhoids, and perhaps some nasty burns too.

Extra bonus gratuitous funny video! If the Preparation H isn’t completely successful we might send them one of these to help them out further with their “problems”.

8 thoughts on “WATCH: Someone Send Some Preparation H To The State Department”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    The more the Israelis deal with Russia on a cordial basis, the more irrelevant the State Department becomes.

    1. An objective of the Obama administration has been to decrease the US’s relevance overseas. Looks like it’s met it.

  2. This was entertaining to watch. But you shouldn’t have the expectation that a U.S. State Department spokesperson is actually going to engage in normal human communication. They’ve been trained to speak diplomatese.

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