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WATCH: Wokesters on White Privilege

People being asked if white privilege is real.

WATCH: What Do Black New Yorkers Think of ‘Defunding’ the Police?

Ami Horowitz asks New Yorkers to give their thoughts on the 'Defund The Police' movement

WATCH: African-Americans from Brooklyn Answer: “Why the Attacks on Jews?”

What's motivating the recent antisemitic attacks in New York?

Fallout From Antisemitism At UNC’s Gaza Conflict Conference

Remember Ami Horowitz's latest video in which he exposed the blatant antisemitism at a Duke/UNC conference on the Gaza conflict?It turns out there has been some fallout.

WATCH: Blatant Antisemitism At UNC’s Gaza Conflict Conference

Ami Horowitz sure has a knack of capturing the ugly truth about the Israel haters. And he's done it yet again.

WATCH: Ami Horowitz Interviews Senior Hamas Terrorist

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz has a gift for making one laugh at the same time as feeling supremely uncomfortable - all while making some very important important points

WATCH: Ami Horowitz’s Latest Disturbing Video

Following the Trump travel ban, Ami Horowitz decided to interview some Muslims in Minneapolis

MUST WATCH: Absolutely Brilliant Ami Horowitz Completely Destroys Israeli Checkpoint #FakeNews

The media are telling #FakeNews all the time and eventually it comes out of the mouth of John Kerry.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Lucky to Be Alive After Attack By Migrants In Sweden

Ami went to Sweden to examine the effects of immigration in the country. Mission accomplished

WATCH: How Liberals Really Feel About Black People

Ami Horovitz exposes the - Yes, I will say it - racism of liberals at Berkeley.

WATCH: Will University Students Donate Money To Hamas To Blow Up Civilians?

This would almost be humorous if it wasn't so damn depressing and depraved.

WATCH: Hipsters Talking About The Iran Deal

No brain cells were used during the making of this video.

WATCH: Did Liberals Know Anything About the Iran Deal?

I chuckled, until I realized this really is not funny

WATCH: Luck Of The Irish? Try Hypocrisy!

From the man who brought us the ingenious ISIS flag vs Israeli flag waving at Berkeley video


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