SFSU Students Supporting the Killing of Jews Around The World

Ami Horowitz doing what he does best – exposing the Wokesters of the world in their hypocrisy and outright hatred for Jews:

This verifies the results of the recent poll conducted by Harvard University and The Harris Poll, which found, among other things:

  • 51% of Americans aged 18 to 24 believe the way to end the conflict is to end Israel and hand it over to Hamas and the palestinian Arabs.
  • Over 60% of young Americans believe the Hamas attack was justified while Israel is conducting a genocide.
  • 67% said Jews were “oppressors”
  • 53% of young respondents said students should be allowed to call for the genocide of Jews without suffering any repercussions

This makes a complete mockery of their claims that they are not antisemitic and just engaging in “legitimate criticism” of Israel. Supporting the murder of Jews everywhere is pretty much the most antisemitic thing one can do – besides committing the murders yourself.

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