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The Daily Mail Sets the Bar For Bad Mistakes

The Daily Mail with one hell of a gaffe

Separated at Birth: Champion’s Streak Edition

A familiar face as streaker?

Lowering The Bar

Bar Refaeli seems to love starring in offensive ads

Bar Refaeli Gets Down And Dirty With Purple Muppet

Old and busted: Bar Refaeli kissing a fat nerd. New hotness: Bar Refaeli sleeping with a purple muppet

Bar Refaeli and Simon Cowell: Israel’s X Factor

Bar Refaeli stars with Simon Cowell in the show's promo

Exclusive: Photo Of Bar Refaeli Used By Roger Waters

After scouring hours of video footage on Youtube, I am proud to say I located the photo of Bar co-opted by Roger Waters for his concerts

Bar Refaeli (Kind of) Rips Roger Waters A New Hole

The Israeli supermodel takes a stand against Roger Waters. But seems to have missed a crucial point

Photo Of The Day

Israeli model Bar Refaeli posing in support of Tel Aviv Pride Week

Take Note BDSHoles

Created in Israel

Bar Refaeli Unloads About Airport Security

Old and busted: Epstein-Barr New hotness: Patdown Bar
shavit wiesel

Model Soldier

Meet Shavit Wiesel, an IDF soldier who knows how to fight pretty.

Bar D’oh

The latest from one of our exports
bar refaeli

Lowering the Bar

Well it took a while, but Israeli "supermodel" and draft-dodger Bar Refaeli has finally donned army gear.

A Model Weapon

Israel is pulling out all the stops to disrupt Egyptian tourism


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