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Worst Baby Entrance To His Own Circumcision. Ever

Old and busted: Precision driving New hotness: Circumcision driving


Meet the Mohel whose services I certainly would never employ

Take That, Foreskin Man!

A new study reveals circumcision is tied to a lower risk of prostate cancer


First there was Foreskin Man: the antisemitic comic. Now there's Foreskin Man: the really bad song

Is Paul McCartney Converting To Judaism?

He is, if the rumors are to be believed

Foreskin Man’s Flop

Attempts to ban circumcision in California have gotten the shaft

Animated Movie Short Time: Foreskin Man Encounters Captain Israel

Yesterday I posted about Foreskin Man's encounter with Captain Israel. But here's how I imagine it.

Anti-Circumcision Ballot To Get The Shaft?

Foreskin Man may have come to our rescue

Russell Crowe Not So Circumspect

It looks like Foreskin Man may have an ally - Hollywood actor Russell Crowe.

What Do Vegemite and Circumcision Have In Common?

Something, believe it or not.
sandra bullock

Bris Congeniality

Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has told of the greatest moment of her life. Her son's Bris. A friend of ours helped arrange for a bris at...
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