Meet the Mohel whose services I certainly would never employ.

The parents of a baby who underwent a circumcision (Brit) ceremony carried out by Rabbi Avi Zarki on Tuesday may be feeling more than a little offended as later that day he tweeted about his surprise at the small size of their son’s penis.

“Today I circumcised a baby with the smallest penis I’ve ever seen – a ‘micro penis’,” wrote the rabbi and added: “Just so you understand, it was slightly thicker than a matchstick; at first I thought it was a girl… May this small one grow to greatness.”

Rabbi Zarki is a rabbi-mohel who lives in Tel Aviv. Over the last few years he has established himself as the go-to mohel in the secular community and especially among celebrities and public figures. He has both a Facebook account and a twitter account which attest to his open and unusual style.

“I’m a famous mohel thanks in part to my sense of humor, and I don’t lose that,” the rabbi told Ynet and added “The beauty of the thing is to take a subject that is sensitive and delicate and talk about it with a smile.”

I’d fathom to say that his sense of humor seems thinner than a matchstick. And just as combustible.

As far as his suitability for his job, he seems about as suitable as this mohel.

And in case you think I’m being harsh, just imagine the ammunition he’s given this pr*ck to cause a flap.

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