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The Predictable Perfidy Of Obama And Samantha Power

Have we reached “our darkest hour”? Can we recover from Obama?

The Russia Abbas Israel Connection Is A Big Deal

It was the subversion of left wing Israelis and our ultra-left political movements and media that led to Oslo, the Two State Delusion and other national disasters.

WATCH: Stop Iran Rally In NYC Drew Huge Crowds

"What message do we send if we sign this piece of paper?"

What To Do After The Terrorists Are Dead

Take their houses, sell them and give the cash to Jewish victims of terror.

Follow-Up: Make No Mistake About It

A follow-up piece to Make No Mistake About It. Here the author attempts to offer persuasive arguments to back the earlier rant.

A Guide For The Perplexed

Nobody ever strove for the ridiculous unachievable Socialist Utopia if they were too happy.

Time Of Death: December 2011

It's dead Jim.

YouTube Cons Israel

Caroline Glick, one of the driving forces behind the Latma and its now-viral video We Con The World, posts about YouTube's latest scum move.


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