The Russia Abbas Israel Connection Is A Big Deal

If you’re observant, before Shabbat starts print out the whole of this by Caroline Glick and read it a few times. I’ve said many times that the Palestinian Identity was invented as a weapon in a war to conquer Israel. All jokes aside, every day we get a little more evidence. It wasn’t just from one direction either.

Caroline Glick about the Abbas ties to the KGB:

According to the Channel 1 report, Abbas began his official service for the KGB in 1983.

In truth his KGB ties were already longstanding by 1983.

In 1982 Abbas received a doctorate from the Patrice Lumumba University – or KGB U – in Moscow. According to KGB defectors, 90 percent of the university’s faculty and staff received their paychecks from the KGB. Its purpose was to train KGB agents from the developing world, including terrorists. Abbas’s fellow alumni included master terrorist Carlos the Jackal and future Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Abbas received a doctorate for a thesis denying the Holocaust. That is, he used the cover of academia to vilify the Jewish state and deny Jewish history and suffering – a practice that has been his stock in trade in trade ever since.

Rather than devote his energies to murdering Israelis, along the lines of the subversive program Ceausescu presented to Arafat, Abbas’s main focus was the subversion of the European and the Israeli Left.

Until the mid-1970s, Arab terrorists were unable to make inroads in Israel because there were no significant political forces in Israeli society that questioned the justice and morality of the state or saw the PLO as anything other than a terrorist organization bent on the annihilation of Israel and the massacre of its citizens.

It was the subversion of left wing Israelis and our ultra-left political movements and media that led to Oslo, the Two State Delusion and other national disasters. You just need to read Ha’aretz or see last night’s Channel 2 interview of Hillary Clinton which, in my view, was a sycophantic orgy to understand our problems here.

And from the end:

This then brings us back to KGB agent Abbas and his target, Israel.

Against great odds, and at a steep price, over the past 10 years Israeli society stopped listening to the voices on the Left parroting Abbas’s lies that Israel was born in sin, as a Western colonialist implant. Given the stakes, most Israelis today also have come to realize that our national self-confidence is a vital component of our long-term survival.

Read the whole thing.

Israel needs our strong national self confidence. Anyone who fell for the subservise plots of peace processes or Oslo or any of the other deceptions and still hasn’t woken up, needs to be alerted.

That’s your mission, should you choose to accept it.


Brian of London

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