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‘Pro-Israel’ Dress Actress Makes New Fashion Statement

Monika Ekiert, the Polish & French actress who impressed the socks off many of us for this display of support for Israel at the Cannes red carpet, dazzles in a new number

‘100 Years of Israel/Palestine Fashion’ Video Captures An Unfashionable Truth

An interesting project inadvertenly provides some truth

Iranian Women Going For The “Porn Star” Look

No doubt a Zionist conspiracy to corrupt the Iranian youth
photo Steven Harper, picture Prime minister Canada and Israel , image Canada Prime minister in Israel

Stephen Harper: Flowers, Flags, Honor Guards and More

Little Israel throws big welcome for Canadian visitors

Friday Morning Funny

Joe Galliano, the brother of fashion designer John Galliano, appears on Conan O'Brien to dispel the notion that his brother is antisemitic

Moron of The Day

Meet fashion blogger Pelayo Diaz, who visited The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and was inspired. To hold a fashion shoot.
Underweight Models

A Light Unto The Nations (But Not Necessarily Lighter)

Israeli lawmakers passed a law banning underweight models

The Gall(iano) of Gaddafi

Separated at Birth?

Fashion Fashla

Anti-Israel pest, the employment-challenged Richard Silverstein, makes a habit of attacking Professor Alan Dershowitz, whose tuchus Silverstein could not win a debate against. In his latest attack, Silverstein has decided to post an old photograph of Dersh and ridicule his style.


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