Israeli Model Arbel Kynan Claims She Was Withdrawn From Paris Fashion Show Because She is Israeli

Israeli model Arbel Kynan has posted this on Instagram

A few days ago, I arrived in Paris to be photographed for a very reputable fashion company that is also taking part in the Haute Couture fashion week. Before I arrived in Paris they said they would be happy if I take part in the show. I arrived on the day of photography with fire-y energy, I am a workaholic! Every day photography is not only a job for me but also a pleasure. Many of the models ask us where we are from, and even on this day of photography, they asked me where I was from, and of course I answered with a big smile that I was from Tel Aviv. The day continued like every day of photography, I finished as usual hours before expected (I am very fast at work. Once I understand what the client wants everything flies). A few days passed and just an hour ago I received an email from my agency stating that the client is Lebanese and he does not want me to take part in the show because I live in Tel Aviv, Israel – this is the really the content of the email I received.
I write all this to convey a message: At the end of the day, we are all human, no matter what our origin, race, skin color or whatever.
Be human! This is the most important!

According to the Jerusalem Post:

There are no fewer than four Lebanese designers taking part in this year’s Haute Couture Week, and although insiders in Israel’s fashion industry speculated off the record on who it might be, no one could say for sure.

One of the designers is Elie Saab, who posted a photo of Gal Gadot on Instagram wearing one of his dresses to the National Board of Review Awards in New York two years ago, where she was honored for her work, and praised her as “flawless.”

This post drew outrage in Lebanon, with Lebanese journalist Heba Bitar writing on Twitter, “I love and respect Elie Saab, but is he really happy an Israeli actress wore a dress he designed?” Many others noted that Gadot is an IDF veteran and that her breakout film, Wonder Woman, was banned from theaters throughout much of the Arab world.

Following this backlash, Saab deleted the post. In spite of that, Elie Saab’s fragrance, Le Parfum, can be purchased in Israel via multiple websites, selling on some for more than 300 shekels.

Talk about ugly.


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