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WATCH: The Real Story Behind UK’s UNSC 2334 Backstab

“The U.N. is the accepted forum for the expression of international hatred.”

ElAl’s Planes Will Be Powered By British Rolls Royce Jet Engines

I guess with a deal this big on the table, there’s no way a bunch of screechy protesters throwing hissy fits in super markets were ever going to stop commerce.

Cameron’s Government Almost Gets It Right – Updated

How do you take a great statement by David Cameron and mess it up?

Shhh Don’t Mention The Terrorist Kidnapping

They mentioned it once, but they got away with it because only the Jews saw it

The UK FCO: Being Mean To Israel Is How We Roll

North Sea Oil to Israel: "the UK would find it extremely difficult to continue supplies, in view of the Arab reaction"

I’ve Got Mr Sa Tan On The Line, He Wants To Order A Space...

It sounds like hell is starting to freeze over, they're looking for a good supply of heaters and oil. In other news the UK FCO notices that Islamic religious texts aren't nice about Jews.


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