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US Government Needs To Shut Up About the “Settlements”

Life in the "Gush": The Truth about the "Settlements".
Lone Oak Tree

Daniel Mandel: The Joy, the Lone Oak, and a Special Torah Scroll

A very special Torah scroll is to be dedicated Wednesday to honor the 13th yahrzeit of Lt. Daniel Mandel, HY"D.
full protective gear for soldier on Route 60

Forward Going Backward

Foul winds and foul media bias

Reader Post: A Time to Sing

After you mourn, it's time to get up and live your life again.

Ezra Schwartz: Someone’s Son, Someone’s Brother, Someone’s Childhood Friend

Ezra Schwartz was just a kid, and his childhood friends now have to deal with the fact that he was murdered in cold blood because he was a Jew.
Ramadan, Rami Levy

Ramadan Kareem At Rami Levy Supermarket

Varda's amateur film clip shows there's no Apartheid in Israel.

My Kids Are Blasphemers!

And who exactly is that snow man meant to be?

More Terror, More Media Bias

Same old story. The terrorists go after Israelis, as do the media

HuffPo Continues Reporting On “The Most Important Story On Earth”

The website is doing its part to prove Matti Friedman right

Gush Etzion is Happy

Yes, another Happy video

Yiddishe Mothering The Boys And Girls Who’ll Bring Back Our Boys

It's how Jewish mamas roll. Anything for our soldiers. Anything to #BringBackOurBoys

ZionistentityCare™: The Doctor Makes House Calls

Once again the evil Zionist empire enslaves the Palestinian people by sending friendly doctors round to look after them.
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