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Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu Refuses To Shake Hands With Binyamin Netanyahu

Awkward does not begin to describe it

Dutch Call On Facebook To Beat Up Israelis In Holland (Updated)

Abbas lies and this guy calls for Israelis to die in Holland.

Pro-Israel Christians Rally For Israel In Amsterdam

Feeling the love all the way from Amsterdam

Finding Anne Frank’s Marbles

"For me they were just a few marbles, for decades they just sat in the closet"

Rabbi Antebi is “Jewish Enough” For Hitler Et Al

The Jew-haters don't care about your politics.

“Too Bad Not All Jews Were Killed”

The following aired on Dutch television..and was met by silence

Defaming Israel, Dutch Style

Dutch news site http://www.volkskrant.nl may have hit a low in reporting recent events in Israel (which is saying a lot)

After Friday Comes Saturday?

Geert Wilders. Just a dangerous ultra right winger?
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