Dutch Call On Facebook To Beat Up Israelis In Holland (Updated)

From a Dutch Salafist org who are well know in Holland and appear on the TV regularly. (Updated with a better translation)

Would it perhaps be a good idea to beat Israeli tourists (not children) senseless in the Netherlands starting today?

Those who won’t listen will have to feel, enough is enough!!! Time to send a clear signal, I think.

Only 14 years old and already shot down in cold blood and called names until his final breath!!!!

May Allah [Subḥānahu wa ta’alā] reward him with djenna.


So nice of them to spare the Israeli children right?


This of course relates to the child Ahmed Manasra who is alive and well and being looked after at our expense in one of the finest hospitals in Israel. (h/t to Joop on Twitter for the story). You can see the video of him running, knife in hand and stabbing at people here.

Here he is in photos released today because Abbas went on TV last night and claimed this very child had been executed (and denying that he ever rampaged with a knife).


Kay Wilson points out that the following picture (which is not being used so much)


Shows him holding up one finger. Believe it or not this is a visual version of the Shahada, the basic statement of Islamic faith and in this context, a Jihadi symbol. This was the finger wag movement that set off the whole Rowan Atkinson is a Muslim lie!

In other news, the Israeli Law Centre (Shurat Hadin) is considering a class action suit against Facebook:

Among the features of the latest wave of terror against Israel is the ongoing incitement by Arabs on social networks, centered on Facebook.

The social media site contains many pages that are authored by terrorists and their supporters, providing a support network for those who undertake attacks against Israel.

In addition, there are many pages that contain practical ideas and suggestions on how to carry out attacks, including the most effective methods of stabbing and how to prepare bombs from household materials.

That makes Facebook an accessory to terror, according to the Israel Law Center (Shurat Hadin) organization, which is planning to sue Facebook for supporting terror in a US court, it announced Thursday.

I’d say this is a clear case of incitement.

Dutch facebook call to kill 02Dutch facebook call to kill 01


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