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WATCH: In Which Brian Gets The Final Word

Because I couldn’t let that last question just hang in the air.

“Moderate” Iranian Government Arrests Baha’i Students

Their crime is seeking an education

Time To Dish Out Equality And Parking Tickets

It is long past the time when we needed to give Israeli Arabs their correct human rights.

Why The British Royal Family Won’t Visit Israel

Prince Charles refuses to visit Israel until "the conflict is resolved," but he has no problems visiting other conflict-rich and human rights abusing countries.

MUST WATCH: Punking The Saudis, Gaylord Style

Fresh from punking the Iranian Foreign Minister, David Keyes sets his sights on the homosexual torturing Saudis
Israeli flag

Reader Post: I Support Israel…. Because I Am A Liberal

Yes, you read that right. I support Israel because I am a liberal.
octopus boat

Reader Post: Anti-Zionism And Antisemitism Are One And The Same

Binyamin argues why anti-Zionism is really antisemitism

Reader Post: Why The Radical Left Sides With Palestinians

Reader Binyamin explains the radical left's anti-Israel outlook

Reader Post: Punk and Zionism

Reader Binyamin describes his evolution to passionate Israel supporter

Reader Post: Embrace Divestment And Win

Reader Michael argues the best defense is a good offense

Rouhani, I Hung The Kids

You have to hand it to the Iranians. They have taken the whole "If you don't at first succeed, try again" mantra to a new level

What’s So Special About 4%?

It's bloody torture trying to come up with blog posts.

Meanwhile, In Iran

Public Executions, Amputation And Flogging - 81 Executions In 10 Days


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