No Human Rights For You!


From those fine fellows at the UK Foreign Office:

The Foreign Office has published the latest quarterly report on human rights in 26 countries of concern, covering the period from October to December 2011.

The Israel section of which manages to make exactly no mention of any reason at all why Jews might have to defend themselves against Arab agression. Here is the comment I left on the Facebook page of the UK’s embassy in Israel. Feel free to join in.

Why does your report on Israel, Judea and Samaria make no report of attacks and attempted attacks by Arabs on Jews? No mention of rocket and mortar attacks from UNOCCUPIED Gaza, no mention of the tons of relief aid Israel poured into Gaza to keep everyone there fed because they’ve no serious industry to speak of save for trying to kill Jews.

No mention of the stream of revolting incitement and genocidal hatred pouring forth from official Fatah television and from PA sanctioned “religious leaders”.

So the only sane conclusion is that Jews have no Human Rights.

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