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Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog’s Misreading of the Situation

When the palestinians are on the political ropes, we have some of our own leaders undermining our position, wanting to pick them up off the canvas

Obama: Government Leaders Should Never Meet With Opposition Parties

(Except for members of *my* government)

When The Left Got It Right

Where have we heard this before?

Opposition To Iran Deal Comes From Many Corners, And With Good Reason

It is Iran, not Netanyahu and not Republicans, that would choose war to protect its nuclear program

The Shadow’s Latest Victim: Bougie Herzog

Herzog gets a little mo shadow than expected

When Doves Cry

Important viewing

Making Mountains Out Of Mole Hills

Never underestimate the lengths some will go to bash Israel.
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Photo of the Day: Herzog New Labor Leader

New Israeli Labor leader Buji Herzog - photo of the day
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