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Hanoi Jane Fonda Strikes Again

Jane Fonda, always on the wrong side of history

The Day In Israel: Thurs Oct 8th, 2009

Believe it or not, anti-Israel celebrity Vanessa Redgrave has opposed those who protested the Toronto Film Festival's decision to showcase Tel Aviv. British actress Vanessa...

Silverstein Sprung

Not content with disseminating his dishonest rants on his own blog, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein blogs elsewhere, such as The Guardian's Comment is Free,...

The Day In Israel: Wed Sept 16th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Israel has reacted strongly to the Goldstone Commission Report, calling it "nauseating" and saying it created...

Celebrity Wars

Forget Lord of Rings. Try Lord of the Idiots. The Toronto Film Festival opened on Thursday with an outcry against the fest's City to City...

The Day In Israel: Fri Sept 11th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day At the annual Likud party Rosh Hashana toast yesterday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: "We have proven...

The Day In Israel: Mon Sept 7th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day The Arab League and Hamas both said that Arabs should not normalize ties with Israel as...

Celebrities For the Destruction of Israel

JTA reports: More than 50 prominent filmmakers, writers, artists and academics -- including Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and Alice Walker -- have signed a letter...


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