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Is it Just About Jerusalem? Is it Just About the Temple Mount?

Are the "territorial disputes" with palestinian Arabs just about Jerusalem? Are they just about the Temple Mount? Well, judge for yourselves.

WATCH: What Do Actual Palestinian Arabs Think About Life in Israel?

Spoiler alert: not what the haters, UN, and mainstream media are telling you

Another Inconvenient Discovery for the Palestinian Arabs

A 2,600-year-old seal has been discovered in Jerusalem's City of David, confirming the existence of a figure from the Jewish bible

Traveling Jerusalem on a Student Budget

Reader Frank with some tips for those traveling Jerusalem on a student budget

Palestinian Propaganda Screw-Up of the Day

Palestinian propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network has posted this old photo and caption

Latest Libel: Those Cruel Jews Kicking Out Rightful Owners of House in ‘East’ Jerusalem

The haters (like Linda Sarsour) are out in full force with the latest palestinian "sob story" - those nefarious Jews have gone and evicted a palestinian family from their home in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City.

Jerusalem Trolls Tel Aviv In Honor of Valentines Day. Hilarity Ensues

Remember when Tel Aviv trolled Jerusalem on Facebook on New Years Eve? Jerusalem has decided to return the favor in honor of Valentines Day, and the results are just as glorious

A New Flood-Related Libel

Now that their terror tunnel escapades are getting more airplay, they clearly needed to find a way to accuse Israel of the same thing

The Type of Stone That is Inconvenient For the Haters

Our efforts to "Juda­ize" Jerusalem are going along swimmingly.

Palestinian Information Center’s Timeline of Jerusalem Admits Their History Begins With Islamic Conquest

The Palestinian Information Center has posted this timeline of the history of Jerusalem. For some strange, inexplicable reason, it only begins in the year 638, despite Jerusalem being around for over 4,000 years.

Another “Own Goal”: Hater Got Those Allenby Street Blues

Clearly, the mindless sheep sharing this photo did not do their due diligence

Only In Israel. Heck, Only in Jerusalem

These scenes may look like the beginning of a joke, but the punchline has to be "Only in Jerusalem."

What The Hell is Going On? Palestinian Authority Jerusalem Shenanigans

Can you spot all the things in this report that are so wrong ... and the one thing that is sooo right?


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