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BBC’s Jon Donnison Takes Time Out From Australia To Slam Israel

Jon Donnison sees damaged buildings, a fair observer would see something else all around.

Jon Donnison: Naive Fool Or Terrorist Shill?

You say Jehad, I say Jihad, Jehad, Jihad, lets call the whole thing lies.

Israel Exercising Democracy Is The Perfect Time For BBC Hounds To Bash It

Impartial, balanced and fair reporting need not apply

Live-Blogging Jerusalem Snow 2013 Day Two #Shelegeddon

Day two of snow across Israel and #shelegeddon

BBC’s Jon Donnison Summoned Out Of Gaza

Time to pay the piper Mr Jon Donnison.

Truth Hurts, Doesn’t It, Jon?

Jon Donnison pulled a JonDonnison
Lauren Booth hamas

Hold The Front Page! Lauren Booth Is Back.

Lauren Booth knows THE TRUTH! It was the Joooooos!

Bus Bomb Tel Aviv Now

Bus Bombing Tel Aviv

Paging PETA: BBC Laughing At Traumatised Israeli Pets

Stick to re-writing Hamas press releases guys OK? We actually care about life on this side of the fence.

BBC Reporter Tweets Fauxtography

We are used to the anti-Israel crowd passing off Syrian kids as palestinian. Now a BBC reporter gets in on the act.


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